• Why You Shouldn’t Have An Intern Manage Your Social Media

    “Anything given away has no value.”

    Like all teenagers, I would ask (practically demand) my Dad to give me money to go out with my friends every weekend, and he would give me a list of chores and hit me with that quote. When my Dad passed this wisdom on to me as a youngster, I didn’t know what he meant. I just thought it was his own clever way of snaking out of giving me $20 and getting his car washed; but being a small-business owner who worked from the ground-up he knew something I didn’t: the appreciation of incentive for work. Now, as an adult working in the world of social media, I see his advice at work. Read More

    • Blogging For Your Business. Should You Outsource Your Blog?

      The average Joe-Businessman is sure to find blogging to be another thing to do in an already busy workweek. Blogs are a great way to build content and add weight to your site, especially for search engine page rankings. They can also act as a human face to a big corporation, thus building a rapport with clients who may thought otherwise about your company. If you’re just as busy as the aforementioned businessman, this is where hiring a blogger would come in; or someone from HR steps in and handles the legwork. But who is qualified for writing what? Are you getting what you’re paying for? Below are some answers and tips about blogging for your business. Read More

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