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Is a Mobile Website a must in 2013? Move it or lose it?

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July 14th, 2021 by

Is a Mobile Website a must in 2013? Move it or lose it?

Businesses today need every competitive edge they can get. In today’s fast-paced world, a mobile website is the very edge you need in order to remain competitive, much less get ahead of your competitors. More and more people are making the move to mobile services for fast access to information and for making purchases. If your website isn’t mobile-friendly, then you’re leaving money on the tables for other businesses in your field to come in and swoop up.

Unprecedented Growth in Mobile Traffic

Mobile websites offer a whole new world of opportunities for business owners to cash in on the “other” half of people accessing the Internet by engaging them with apps, mobile coupons, QR codes, location-based coupons and discounts, and countless other mobile-specific offerings. However, any of these efforts are pointless if you do not have a mobile website that’s compatible with smartphones and other mobile devices.

“In 2010 more than 50 percent of all Internet access was being done via handhelds of some sort,” reports Inc.com. Those numbers, according to Cisco, rose to 70 percent in 2012.

The widespread introduction of fourth generation, or 4G, mobile connectivity has generated 19 times more traffic than non-4G connectivity according to Cisco. This means that mobile websites are becoming even more critical for business success.

Mobile Users Expect It

Even with faster 4G connections, mobile users have come to expect quick loading, easy to navigate mobile websites. If you do not have one, then they’ll simply visit the next one on the list. The real secret to success with mobile websites is to follow the keep it simple philosophy. Mobile visitors want sites that load fast and give them the information they are looking for without a lot of the clutter full websites include.

Now Offers the Greatest Advantage

“90 percent of websites are not ready to be optimized.” -- Get Elastic

“52 percent of users who have bad mobile experiences are less likely to engage with the companies.” -- Get Elastic

These statistics tell you that it is your opportunity to be the early bird that really does get the worm. More importantly, this means you could be missing out on business today and in the future by not having an easy to navigate mobile website for your business.

Mobile is Where People are Spending Money

Consumers spent $25 billion dollars via mobile devices in 2012. Those numbers are only expected to grow as more people make the move to 4G devices and greater numbers of net savvy youth get jobs and enter the mobile marketplace. -- Yahoo! Small Business Advisor

The bottom line is that you need your website to be wherever people are spending money.

Businesses today can’t afford to alienate potential customers by ignoring their mobile audiences. It would be the same mistakes businesses made by putting off embracing social media and could prove extremely costly.

Stay ahead of your incorporation by implementing a mobile version of your website.

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