Think Insights: What is Google thinking?

Say hello to Think Insights with Google, a new site launched by Google where they will publish data-supported insights about digital marketing trends. It's goal is to allow users and marketers to learn more about how people use the web, and even includes research on lesser known topics like the Mobile web. After watching the Google video "The Mobile Movement: Understanding Mobile Consumers" (see below) it is clear that Google also intends to promote their own services like mobile ads.Regardless of Google's intent, this new tool looks like a great resource for web design studios and agencies who are looking for data that will help with decisions regarding client deliverables. How much emphasis should be put on the mobile version of a Restaurant's website? Should coupons be offered on the homepage? What kind of marketing strategy is best for Auto Insurance websites? You may just find the answer or the data that will help you answer those questions on Think Insights with Google.The site is very simple and clean with a left side navigation that easily helps users find studies in a specific category like Automotive, Restaurants, Technology, etc. The site is divided into 4 sections: Featured Topics, Studies, Events and Videos that help users easily find what they may be looking for. Featured Topics include a summary, video, as well as related content like case studies and 3rd party articles. Case studies feature downloadable PowerPoint files as well as PDF for offline viewing.