Conversion Optimization
eCommerce Conversion Rate Optimization

eCommerce Conversion Rate Optimization

Are you paying for leads to your eCommerce website that aren't converting? Do you know exactly where they're dropping off and why? These are questions we can help you solve. We'll diagnose exactly where your customers are struggling on your online store. No one can afford to waste money on advertising to customers who aren't buying products. Drive traffic to an eCommerce site that gets conversions. 

"There's no point to advertising if you can't get your customers to convert." -Sun Tzu
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VWO features Media Contour Case Study

VWO success story on Media Contour
We don't do it for the recognition, but the results don't lie. VWO asked to publish our most recent A/B test due to the killer results.
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eCommerce Conversion Rate Optimization

The goal of your site is to do one thing: sell products. If your customers aren't doing that, then there’s a reason why. Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is the process of making your site so intuitive and easy to use that babies could buy their own pacifiers if you sell them. The goal is to make it fast and efficient, and not make people have to think. A millisecond of extra thought from a user trying to figure what to do next can ruin their experience, and send them to the competition. The danger of the internet is your competition is only every one click away.

Conversion rate optimization starts a recurring cycle of profit. By increasing your conversion rate, revenue is naturally increased as well. The HUGE benefit is that your profit margins are increased at an even faster rate. This puts Media Contour’s clients into an extremely advantageous position allowing them to buy customers at a cheaper price than the competition. Your advertising dollars now go even further, creating a extremely efficient marketing machine.

The tools are extensive, but all of them are aimed at gathering qualitative data from how users interact with your website, to determine where they struggle, and how to make the smallest improvements that provide the biggest impact.

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The Benefits of eCommerce Optimization
with Media Contour

Heat Maps

See exactly what your customers interact with on your page. Find out what information is essential to them, and what they completely ignore. It can be an eye-opening experience to find out you’ve been approaching it the wrong way all this time.

Scroll Maps

How much of your site do your customers see? Are they losing interest right away?

Click Maps

Are customers clicking links that don’t exist? Are they rage-clicking a link 20 times in a row because it’s not working? See exactly where and how often they’re clicking on the page.

Speed Tests

Is website speed causing your customers to leave without interacting or converting? Slow page speed can be a major barrier to conversion optimization. We make sure page loading speed is a problem only your competitors have to worry about.

Google Analytics

Advanced analytics allows us to start segmenting user behaviors into their respective buckets. We can analyze the user journey, and identify where things went wrong. Best of all, we can quantify those behaviors and turn them into actionable insights.

Funnel Analysis

See exactly where your customers are entering and leaving your site. We’ll diagnose exactly where your problem is occurring.

A/B Testing

One of our strongest tools. A/B Tests allow us to find the variables that matter most to conversions. Test. Optimize. Repeat. Help you find a bigger bank account.

Usability and User Testing

An underutilized tool that produces real-time insights from valuable target audience users. It could be simple like changing a headline or a call to action. It’s astonishing what changing a button color will do to sales. It's typical to see a larger impact with small changes. Simplicity is key. The importance of testing is that it validates your decision-making.

Search Engine Optimization SEO

We’ll make sure your ranking top of the page on organic google search results for your relevant keywords. SEO is a fickle lover, but we have the moves to win its heart.

Conversion-centric Design

Every change, optimization, design, and breath is guided by one thing: Increasing your conversions, and ROI. If it doesn’t move the needle, it’s a distraction.

Traffic Sources

We’ll make sure your paid and social media traffic are landing on pages that match their intent. The key to increasing conversions is showing the right traffic, the right content, at the right time.

Product Pages

Don’t let your customers fall through the cracks right as they decide to make a purchase. We’ll make sure your product pages are designed to do exactly what they’re intended to do: make sales.

Product Category Pages

Make sure your customers are able to easily find the specific products and categories they want to see. PCPs should enhance filtering and finding to create a hassle-free and seamless shopping experience.

Live Chat

Live chat and chatbots are a new way to hold your customers hand as they move through the sales funnel. Make sure all their questions are answered without delay, and boost your customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Our Conversion Rate Optimization Weapons of Choice

The tools and technology that produce the best results for our clients, and help them consistently outperform their competitors.

We’ve Helped All Shapes and All Sizes

My website has won constant praise from my colleagues and fans of the book, and the book cover is one that makes the subject come alive. I was familiar with Media Contour's high level of professionalism, but I didn't realize that I was also getting fine artists in addition to web wizards. Further, Media Contour's staff went beyond the call of duty and really fine-tuned both the site and the book cover to meet my fairly demanding specifications. I felt fully supported and acknowledged throughout the process.

David Chester

Author, Freelancing in Tokyo
We couldn’t be more pleased with the professionalism and product MediaContour delivered regarding our website.  Their response is fast and their ideas helpful regarding lay-out design making their creativity second-to-none. Their guidance for wording to maximize search engine hits brings results.  We used them to create 2 websites and will continue to utilize their talents in the future.
Barbra Chase
CEO, Evado Solutions
It was a pleasure working with them and I look forward to future projects. They are professional, organized and most of all -- great listeners! They made working 'virtually' a real breeze.”
Jeff Hardesty
CEO, i-Frame Solutions

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