Blogging For Your Business. Should You Outsource Your Blog?

The average Joe-Businessman is sure to find blogging to be another thing to do in an already busy work week. Blogs are a great way to build content and add weight to your site, especially for search engine page rankings. They can also act as a human face to a big corporation, thus building a rapport with clients who may have thought otherwise about your company. If you’re just as busy as the aforementioned businessman, this is where hiring a blogger would come in; or someone from HR steps in and handles the legwork. But who is qualified for writing what? Are you getting what you’re paying for? Ahead are some answers and tips about blogging for your business.What is your company blogging about?Who reads your blogs? Is it clients? Potential clients? Employees? Depending on who reads your blog you may have different strategies of what to post. Should you have a lot of potential clients viewing your blog, your blog would likely be more geared to selling your wares. Blogging about the positive notes and reviews your company has received will show your brand quality. Typically, employees would like to see more about company news and events, or even about themselves. Should people currently doing business with you be reading your blog it should have information to help product users and content that bolsters their decision to choose and stay with your company/product.Who should write your blog?At its best, a great company blog is written by as top level of an employee as possible. Granted they can write of course, and have the time. Typically one or both of these factors are not something higher-ups have, and the task is matriculated down the chain until it is so far down the chain, the product won’t even be worth the time, and hiring a blogger would just make more sense. Cheap blogging services are available but typically yield a poor product with few facts and essentially just words on a page with little research behind them. Not to say that good bloggers are terribly expensive either, usually not for much more than any.It is usually best to hire a blogger who is either:

  1. a skilled writer, preferably with a background in journalism or English
  2. a specialist in your field, should your blog/product have a specific/technical nature
  3. both

A skilled blogger can create content that your target reader will love to enjoy, but just posting worthless items does nobody any good. Truly good blogging is a situation in the old adage that “you get what you pay for.” Poorly written pieces do nothing but take up space and fill up your server with junk no one will ever read. However a well-written blog will lead to more readers, people linking your articles and sharing them across social media platforms. Thus spreading your name (and stretching your marketing buck) farther than you could imagine.For blog writing tips check out these related posts: Here and Here.

What are your thoughts about outsourcing your companies blog?