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We begin with a comprehensive conversion audit to establish performance benchmarks for your website, specifically from a user experience perspective when compared to your competition. By analyzing your traffic analytics and conducting a live site analysis, we identify pain points that may be hindering your messaging, highlight opportunities for testing and optimization, and identify areas where your messaging could be strengthened for maximum impact.


We jump right into setup, testing, and data collection to conduct an in-depth analysis of your ideal customers' emotions, wants, and needs. We identify obstacles that lead to on-site bottlenecks, making it easier for them to make a confident purchase with minimum fuss. 


Next, we transform all data into a solution, which our designers then craft into a prototype of your highly converting site. Once approved, our team of eComm experts implements the changes at no additional cost.


We then A/B test the prototype against your original site and establish proof that the new user journey is in fact the one that visitors want and need. Once the results are in we’ll be able to tell with statistical significance whether our changes are successful and how solid our foundation is for building on the test’s success.

Frequently asked questions

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How much does it cost to hire Media Contour

We don't prescribe to the cookie cutter/pricing table school of thought. All of our clients are different, and have different sets of needs and concerns. Therefore, we provide a different value to each of them. Our main objective is to provide significantly more monetary value to our clients than what our services cost. Hints, this is why our guarantee is structured around this motive.

If pricing is a concern, then it's something we are happy to discuss during a call. Keep in mind that our services are risk free. We don't get paid, unless you make money.

How long is a typical engagement?

Most of our clients bring us on for a 3 - 6 month period, but we've had engagements last from a couple months to over a year. It all depends on our availability and what your needs are.

What does an engagement with Media Contour look like?

There are typically 3 phases. We'll simplify for the sake of being brief. If you'd like to learn more about our secret sauce we recommend you start with our Conversion Strategy Session.

Phase 1: The Discovery Phase
Discovery includes deploying the majority of our conversion optimization tools to gather internal (from within you organization) and external audience intelligence (directly from your customers).

Phase 2: The Analysis Phase
In this phase we analyze the data collected in Phase 1. Our goal is to understand the issues and then develop solutions to resolve them. Those solutions are translated into mock-ups that are then implemented with either our Enterprise level CRO tools or by the development team.

Phase 3: The Optimization Phase
Optimization includes launching our A/B tests and redeploying Phase 1 tools to gather further audience intelligence and feedback on both the control and variant versions. Phase 3 creates a continuous cycle of optimization that has a lasting benefit for our clients.

Can you guarantee your results?

We offer a guarantee that we can provide you with a statistically significant increase in revenue in 60 days or less or we don't get paid until we do.

For those who aren't statisticians, statistical significance is based on several variables, but it's designed to hold us accountable for our results. A test will be statistically significant if you were to repeat the same exact test then the likelihood of achieving the same result would be 90% or higher.

A lot of things have to happen for a test to be "significant", but the important thing to keep in mind is that a $1 increase in revenue wouldn't be considered "significant" under any testing parameters.

So, you are not being taken advantage of by the wording of this guarantee. It's legit, and it has your success first and foremost. We do this because we're 1) extremely confident in our abilities, and 2) we want the burden of risk to be on us, not you.

Do you work with only big companies?

No, we work with anyone. Our methods have been designed to be successful for any company in any industry. If you're tired of spending a fortune on digital advertising to just hit your sales goals, then this service is most beneficial for you in particular.

Having said that, we have found that companies who have the best chance of succeeding with these methods have greater than 10,000 visitors per month and sell a product on their site (as opposed to a service).

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We don’t do it for the recognition, but the results don’t lie.
VWO asked to publish one of our A/B tests due to the insane results.

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