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Our industry-leading Shopify Conversion Optimization service promises a Guaranteed 5X return on your investment with us in 60 days after testing starts or we'll work for FREE until we do. We’re 100% serious. If you don’t make at least 5 times what it takes to pay us, we'll work for free.

As a top 10 CRO agency on Clutch, our optimization strategies have been trusted by businesses for over 18 years. We've earned 5-star reviews on Google and Facebook from countless eCommerce store owners who have seen their businesses flourish with our expert services.

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Our Expertise

Advanced Audience Intelligence

Everything we do is built on data. What makes our process and methods so successful is the detailed audience intelligence we gather to determine the wants, needs, and emotions that go into your customers buying decisions. From heatmaps, and session recordings, to user testing and interviews, we know the questions to ask to get your customers to tell us exactly what they want…and then we give it to them.
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Conversion Funnel Analysis

We begin with a comprehensive conversion audit to establish performance benchmarks for your website, specifically from a user experience perspective when compared to your competition. By analyzing your traffic analytics and conducting a live site and conversion funnel analysis, we identify pain points that may be hindering your messaging, highlight opportunities for testing and optimization, and identify areas where your messaging and user experience could be strengthened for maximum impact. 

A complete conversion funnel analysis involves going though each step of the buying journey to determine where people and committing versus losing interest, and focusing on improving your weak lines.
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Shopify Design and Development

Our expert Shopify Design and Development team provide you with peace of mind and prevent you from having to search out an entirely different team to implement all of our CRO changes. We want this to be a turn-key and risk-free solution for our clients.
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A/B Split Testing

Once again, data is behind every decision we make. Once our developers have created your new customer experience, we A/B test the changes against to ensure that it outperforms your original site. Only when we have a statistically significant results that says your revenue has increased do we even consider asking for payment. We don’t make money, unless you make money.
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Things you can expect:

With Shopify Conversion Rate Optimization, your eCommerce business will enjoy:

Higher Revenue
Ex. 3 out of every 100 visitors purchase instead of 2 out of every 100
Buy Traffic At A Higher ROAS
Ex. Same ad spend now generates 3 purchases instead of 2
Higher Profit Margin
The same fixed ad spend is now generating more revenue
(Higher revenue with the same fixed costs = higher profit margin = more cash for growth)
Increased Customer LTV
Customers with a more enjoyable experience are more likely to
return to purchase and more likely to spread the word!
Increased Average Order Value (AOV)
Customers admit they are willing to spend more money for a better experience
Increased Company Awareness
Increased understanding of your audience for marketing and strategy optimization
Move Customers To High Value Clients
Push medium value customers into the high value category
An Online “Experience”
that is so freaking awesome that customers are not only more likely to purchase,
but they’re more likely to spend more and come back (more often!)
A Better Company & Brand
A company whose products deliver exactly on the
wants, needs, and emotions of their customers and creates goodwill for your company,
and brand-loyal advocates out of your customers.

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Stop the Struggle with CRO

You may have already tried numerous strategies on your own with little success, or maybe you even saw your conversion rates plummet after transitioning to Shopify. Either way, it’s time to stop wasting your time and money. Book a strategy session with our Shopify Conversion Rate Optimization experts today and start experiencing the benefits of our guaranteed 5X ROI offer.

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Shopify CRO Frequently asked questions

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How do you optimize conversion rates on Shopify?

With eCommerce in general, the majority of your focus and budget are placed on driving to the website. The main idea behind optimizing a website for conversions is to make it as simple and intuitive as possible, and to clearly communicate your value prop. However, a common mistake is making it simple and intuitive for YOU to use. It’s essential to bounce your ideas off your audience, figure out what they prefer in a user experience, and test those ideas.

What is the average Shopify conversion rate?

The average Shopify conversion rate in 2023 is 1.4%. If you are below 0.5%, then you have a lot of room to increase conversion rates. If you’re above 3.3%, then that would put you in the top 20% of all Shopify stores. Learn more about Shopify benchmarks here.

Why is my conversion rate dropping on Shopify?

Your conversion rate could be dropping for a variety of reasons. It could be due to your traffic source isn’t sending your target audience to your site. It could also be due to a user experience problem on the site, a confusing checkout process, or a slow site speed. If you’re unsure why your conversion rates are dropping, or your not sure how to increase them, then reach out to and we’ll help you figure out what your problem is and how to solve it.

What is the failure rate of Shopify stores?

eCommerce failure rates are extremely high at around 90-95%. If you’re one of the lucky 5-10% to make it, then you clearly have a product that people love (not the other stores didn’t). It’s important to make sure you continue to convey that message effectively to your site visitors, as having a higher conversion rate will allow you to scale much faster.

What is a strong ecommerce conversion rate?

Your baseline goal should 3% or higher, and we be considered strong among online retailers.

How does Shopify track conversion rates?

Shopify tracks your conversion rate for you, and is based on the numbers of purchase divided by the number of sessions (not users) over a given time period.

Total conversions / Total visits to your website = Conversion rate

What is Shopify Conversion Optimization?

Shopify Conversion Optimization is conversion optimization performed by an agency who also has experience and expertise with Shopify. They will be Shopify Partners who have a deep understanding of the Shopify Platform and Ecosystem.

What are the benefits of using Shopify Conversion Optimization?

The main benefit of Shopify Conversion Optimization is increasing the total ROI for your store. Converting more visitors not only means higher revenue, but also higher ROAS and profit margins. This allows companies to scale faster than their competitors and start to take over more market share. Other benefits of of Shopfiy Conversion Optimization stem from enhancing your onsite user experience. You’ll see higher LTV, AOV, and loyalty as customers are more likely to return and purchase more when they do.

How does Shopify Conversion Optimization work?

Our Shopify Conversion Optimization is built on 3 main pillars: Data Gathering or Discovery, Analysis, then Optimization. Our expert Shopify team will help you reimagine your customer experience, and build it to match your customers’ wants, needs, and emotions during the buying process. However, this is not a complete website redesign. Those typically aren’t needed and can be a huge waste of time and money. This is a reiteration of your current site, taking the pieces that are working, removing the ones that aren’t, and adding the pieces that are missing.

What are some of the best practices for Shopify Conversion Optimization?

Best practices include having a deep and extensive understanding of your audience's wants, needs, and emotions before, during, and after the buying process. Next would be clearly conveying your value proposition, and removing any barriers to understanding and purchasing on the website (i.e. confusing navigation, information overload, busy graphics/pages). Lastly, testing is key. You should 100% be testing any new designs, features, or add-ons on your site so you can pinpoint what’s working, and build on the right progress.

How can I get started with Shopify Conversion Optimization?

You can get started by booking a Free Strategy Session here. This is a no pressure call where we try to understand what your biggest struggles are with your business, and if and how we can help you.

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