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Keep Your Website Alive and Thriving with Regular Maintenance

Keep Your Website Alive and Thriving with Regular Maintenance

Keep Your Website Alive and Thriving with Regular Maintenance

Practically every business knows they need to keep their services and offerings fresh and up-to-date if they want to please their customers. The same is true for websites. Search engines and visitors alike become bored with old, outdated websites that fail to offer anything new. Broken links, antiquated news and dated content cripple your website, impairing your ability to attract new traffic.

Just as your car needs a tune up now and then to run at its best, your website needs regular maintenance too. Regular maintenance is what enables your site to perform at peak function and stay profitable in the long run. Depending on your business, your website and your visitors, keeping your website current can involve a variety of procedures.

If you rely on your business to attract visitors who then contact you to purchase services, your website maintenance schedule is likely to involve:

  • · Adding or updating content such as copy, pictures, and blogs at least bi-weekly.
  • · Deleting or archiving old content.
  • · Adding new services or special offers.
  • · Updating, repairing or removing broken links.
  • · Verifying and ensuring website security.
  • · Analyzing and reporting on site traffic and other relevant statistics.
  • · Submitting your site to search engines, directories, and niche sites.

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Websites that are strictly designed for e-commerce have an additional set of processes that should be included in the site's regular maintenance schedule:

  • · Product and service updates, including graphics, text and files.
  • · Visitor and lead conversion analysis.
  • · Feature additions to improve usability.
  • · Customer support.
  • · Database management.
  • · Enhanced security monitoring.

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Depending on your business and your website maintenance needs, you can either learn to perform maintenance yourself or you can hire a third party to manage it for you.

Whether your maintenance needs are large or small, it's often more efficient and economical to hire someone to manage website maintenance for you. Out-sourcing website maintenance guarantees it will get done regardless of how busy you may be. It also helps ensure maintenance is done correctly. You won't have to train yourself or an employee on the details of website maintenance—an expert will be able to spot and correct issues before they develop into problems.

Regular website maintenance doesn't have to be a complex, expensive undertaking, but it is crucial if you want to protect and make the most of your investment in your website. Developing and implementing a maintenance schedule will enable you to keep your website alive and thriving in the long term.

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