Los Angeles Web Design Patches Music Company With Website

Audio patch bay manufacturers, Bittree, wanted to revamp their website to better match their recently updated brand and create an easier to navigate layout. Los Angeles web design firm, Media Contour, was tasked with creating a website that not only resonates with those interested in audio recording and engineering markets, but creates the easiest shopping experience possible. “At first, it was easy to get lost in the detailed specifications and notes for each product; so our first goal was to simplify it to create a better hierarchy,“ says Media Contour’s lead designer, Luke Swenson. “Patch bays by their very nature are very visual and easy-to-use tools and Bittree’s patch bays are labeled simply and easy to figure out.” Media Contour took their cues from Bittree’s products and catalog section to create a site that would make navigation easier for users as they looked through products to find what they needed.“We used their product offerings as a launchpad and created an image-driven catalog. Rather than just text, each product category was accompanied by a photo making it much easier to differentiate between products.”  Media Contour also looked to increase the usability of Bittree’s website and calibrate it to their client’s basic needs. “Functionality wise, we created a quoting system that allowed users to add products to a quote, send it to Bittree, who would then contact the user and help them get exactly what they needed.”Bittree and Media Contour plan on expanding their site in future updates. “We have some really cool stuff coming up,” says Swenson. “Next, we'll be rolling out a product builder which will help users build their own patchbay.”Media Contour, is an award winning full service interactive studio specializing in both traditional website design and development. Based out of Los Angeles, Media Contour provides complete solutions for web design and programming, as well as branding, graphic design, print, and marketing services.