Update your Website: 3 Common Website Design Mistakes

When you update your website design, there is a lot to take into consideration. Sometimes, along the way, some common website design mistakes tend to manifest. These are things that you can avoid by simply doing a bit of planning ahead and by working closely with your designers to make certain that when you update your website they adhere to good practices.


Sometimes, people will get so focused on the content of their site that they'll forget that it needs to be organized in a logical way. Make certain you put some thought into how you're going to organize your site, particularly if it is a large site. The more information you have, the more imperative it is that people are able to navigate their way through it without getting confused, becoming frustrated and simply giving up.When you update your website, it's a good idea to have a plan mapped out for your pages. You can do this with your designer or you can do it on your own. One good way to do it is simply to use a flowchart format to indicate how each of the pages is linked to one another and the position that each of them occupies in the hierarchy of your site.

Font Soup

Be careful with your font selections. In addition to making sure that you pick fonts that are easy for people to read or that reflect your business appropriately, make sure you do have consistency within your content. Using a variety of different fonts in graphic design can be great for creating a unique image but, when people are reading, switching between different fonts tends to distract from the content that they're trying to take in.For maximum readability, choose a sans serif font that displays correctly in any modern browser.

Too Much

Website designers can put together enormously complicated sites these days. Using columns, tabbed sections and other tools, they can get a great deal of information on a page or, if it doesn't fit, make it accessible from that page without actually having to navigate off it. Don't overdo this when you update your website.People like to read information in small, easy to understand chunks. If you start filling up your pages with so much information that it only causes confusion, you can be almost certain that people are going to avoid reading anything on your page, much less trying to take all of that in. Make sure that your information is placed on your page in a logical way that allows people to see exactly what your point is and why it matters to them.Thanks for reading, and we hope that when you update your website, you make sure to avoid these 3 common website design mistakes.