Update Your Website : Adding Interesting Shapes to Your Site Design

Sometimes, the Internet can seem a little bit square. Not square in the sense that it doesn't know how to have fun, but square in the sense that just about every element you see on any page involves a right angle at some point. Most menus are nothing more than rectangular shapes that span the top portion of the screen. Banner advertisements and most graphics have square borders. If you're looking to update your website, you may want to consider adding a bit of variety where shape is concerned.


Circles provide among the best choices for innovative ways to present content on the web. Pictures can be made into circular thumbnails that create an element of visual interest and that will make some users more likely to click on them simply because those graphics catch their eyes. Company logos and other important logos can be formatted in circular or other shapes to make them more interesting.Adding circular shapes when you update your website can make it stand out a bit from others. For example, even using circular buttons for calls to action and other purposes can draw people's eyes to them simply because they look a bit different.

Other Shapes

Graphic designers have tremendous capability where designing websites is concerned these days. Because the Internet has been around for long enough to have developed its own conventions, however, this tremendous capacity that developers have is sometimes underutilized. People tend to gravitate to the same layouts, the same menu structures and the same graphic layouts more than not.If you're working with a good graphic designer and a good web developer, they can certainly find ways to incorporate shapes other than circles or squares into your design when you update your website. For example, triangles are dramatic shapes that also, because of the fact that they are shaped like arrows, tend to draw people's attention very easily.Discuss shape with your graphic designer when you are ready to update your website. Ask them how they could use shape as a way to make your site more interesting. Remember that the fact that most websites are designed with a lot of right angles is something that was decided for you without your input. It's just a trend. A good website designer can help you to break trends in constructive ways when you update your website that offer a more interesting experience for your visitors and that provide no compromises in the functionality of your website because of the innovative design.