Update Your Website: How to Write Great SEO Headlines

If you remember the days of newspapers, you'll remember that what got you to read them wasn't actually the news, it was the headlines. Writing headlines is equally important in the world of search engine optimization. If you understand how to write headlines, you'll do a lot better at getting the maximum value out of your search engine optimization content when you update your website. Because we're talking about blogs and not newspapers, however, headlines are referred to as titles. They do serve the same function as headlines, however.

Match Your Content

One of the worst possible things you can do for search engine optimization is write titles that do not match the content that follows them. In order to give your visitors the greatest value out of your website, they should be able to understand that any title on your site does relate directly to the content that follows. The advantage in doing this is not only for your visitors. Making sure your content matches your titles gives you a reason to use your keywords in your title, which is vital for search engine optimization and is an important tool when you update your website.


The most engaging news stories almost always have a picture with them that illustrates what's being described. You'll want to do this for your blog entries, as well. The more closely that your image matches your title the better it will be for your visitors and for search engine optimization. Make certain that your images have their alt tags filled out so that the keywords can be used in these, as well. Robert Caruso of BundlePost.com told us, "My best advice for making your blog articles SEO friendly is ensure your title matches your content. Always include a picture and be sure that it also matches the title of the post and the content within the article. This has worked very effectively for us."

Word Choice

Use action words in your titles when you update your website. For example, if you had the option of using a title such as "This Computer Tool Makes Things Easier" or "Computer Tool Simplifies Workflow Process", you would want to go with the second. It utilizes almost the same keywords but it's more specific in terms of what the tool actually does. Specificity and words that convey action are very good ways to motivate people to actually read your content.

Don't Write them First

Write your titles after you've written the content when you update your website. Quite often, you'll find that the original title you had in mind doesn't really fit with the text that you ended up with. It's easier to change a title to match a blog entry than it is to change the entire blog entry to match a title.If you want some assistance writing titles, you may want to check out the tools ScribeSEO and SEOPressor.