Update Your Website : How Old Web Design Harms Your Business

Poor website design can make your website look outdated. There are very real consequences to this. For example, if a customer has the option of shopping on your website or a website that looks much more current, it's likely that they're going to pick the current site. Here are some ways that web design can make your company look as outdated as your website and the importance of refreshing your design as you update your website.

Security Issues

Everybody who uses the Internet understands that security is a major issue. When your website looks outdated, it's a natural conclusion for people that your security is probably outdated, as well. If they're asked to enter their credit card number on a page that looks like it was designed in 1997, they'll likely have some justifiable hesitation.  This why it's important to update your website with a fresh design.Keeping your site fresh looking gives the impression that your company spends a lot of time developing and redeveloping what they put on the web. If you have a well-designed, modern site, it's a lot easier for people to have confidence in it.  Keep this in mind when you are ready to update your website.

Never Updated

Websites that look like they have never been updated make it look like the company may well be out of business. If they don't give that impression directly, there's still a good chance that they give the impression that your company is probably one person working out of a basement or something similar. Keeping your site fresh with a new design as you update your website ensures that people know that your website is, in fact, updated regularly and that your business is very much alive. Having an outdated website makes your business look like it failed a long time ago and that it might not be the most reliable choice to do business with.

No One There

Outdated websites also make it look like a company may be a truly fly-by-night affair. Most companies these days spend a lot of time keeping their websites up to date. If you have an outdated website, it looks like you're not even taking care of this, very basic, requirement of doing business in the 21st century. This is the last impression that you want to make with customers.Outdated websites, make no mistake about it, make your business look bad. You don't have to put out the cash to have a huge website built or to update your website effectively.  Simply having a web designer make a few improvements here and there and bring your site up to more modern standards can go a long way toward making the right impression on customers.