Update Your Website : Maximizing Your Site’s Social Media

There is a great deal of marketing information these days that has to do with social media. In fact, social media, in some regards, is being played up to the extent that businesses may be becoming a bit too grand in their expectations of what it can do. It's important to remember that the website you actually own is much different than any social media site in an important regard: you have complete control over it. If you're updating your website, you may want to do so while keeping in mind that you can update your website in a way that takes social media into account but that does not make your entire marketing effort dependent upon social media.

News Feeds

The general consensus about direct advertising on social media websites is that it's not worth the money. Advertisement on social media sites gets very low return on investment figures, in the vast majority of cases. Businesses quickly found out, however, that they could get good results by updating their newsfeeds with information about their products. Facebook has since adopted a paid system that has taken away the ability to do this for free.You can update your website with features that allow you to push updates on your website to your social media feed. Depending upon what type of program you've taken advantage of from your social media account providers, these feeds may or may not be visible to the people who follow you. They will, however, be visible on your website. By making the website the main venue for the information that you are putting out, you're putting that information out in an environment where you have complete control over the advertising ecosystem.

Like and Share

As you update your website, it's a very good idea to have any website updates you undertake include updates that allow your visitors to share or like your posts easily. People do this almost reflexively these days when they find something interesting. If you want to take advantage of this somewhat Pavlovian response to things that people like, make sure your web designer includes "Like" or other sharing icons when you update your website so that people can share your content. You will most certainly want the "Follow us on…" links on your site, as well, so people can add you to their friends list without having to hunt you down on the social media site itself.When choosing to update your website for social media compatibility, convenience is a major factor in the usefulness of any update.