Update Your Website : Renewing The Design of Your Banners and Logos

The positioning of your banners and your logos should tell you a lot about how important they are to your site overall. They are, of course, positioned right on the top of your site, in most cases, meaning that they make the first impression that visitors get. If you have a banner or logo that is far past its prime in terms of design and looks, you may want to consider redesigning your logo when you update your website as a major part of any web redesign plans you have in mind.

Check the Colors

If your logo or your banner was designed a long time ago, it may well reflect more primitive graphic design. One of the areas in which graphic design has improved a great deal is in color. Today's graphic designers can incorporate gradients and other sophisticated effects to make a truly eye-catching design. In addition to making your design more eye-catching when you update your website, selecting the right colors can prevent your design from looking cheap. Blocky designs with unsophisticated color selections do not catch people's eyes.

Your Fonts

Perhaps 20-point Papyrus font looked good when you selected it, but it probably looks outdated right now. Consider revamping your logo with a new font selection when you update your website.There is a caveat here. For some businesses, your font selection is an important part of your branding. Even though this may be the case, a good graphic designer may be able to recommend some slight changes to your font selection that could have a big impact on how your logo looks overall.Your graphic designer may also recommend some interesting visual effects, such as increasing the size of one letter but not of the others. Typography is a big part of good graphic design and, provided you have a good graphic designer working with you, you should be able to find a very attractive solution to any lacking elements in your logo's fonts when you update your website.

Fast Loading

If your site suffers from a lack of professional design considerations, your logo might actually be bloated and cause people's computers to load it more slowly. A graphic designer may be able to improve the quality of your logo and compact it in terms of the size it takes up when you update your website. This may not be a very big consideration for a site that doesn't get a lot of traffic but, if you do get a lot of traffic, reducing your bandwidth requirements in any way – even reducing the size of graphics slightly – can make a big difference in how much money it costs to run your site.