Update Your Website - Revising Layouts for Content Heavy Sites

Ideally, your website will grow and thrive once you get it online. One of the difficulties associated with this type of growth, however, is the fact that a website that grows very quickly may end up becoming very crowded and hard to navigate. This necessitates an update in layout, which is something web designers can help you with when you update your website.

Old Sites

Older websites used to have very simple layouts. In fact, one-column websites were relatively common. These are fine if you have a very simple promotional website with a little bit of content on it; a few pictures and so forth. When you start adding content, however, it becomes increasingly difficult for people to find their way around your site.Even if they find the page where a piece of content that they want to read is printed, the user may have to scroll a lot to actually locate the article and that can make them go away in frustration.Updating the layout on old sites oftentimes means updating the scheme under which the content is arranged. If you have a professional web designer take a look at your site, they may be able to identify ways in which they can improve the layout when you update your website so that it is easier for people to find specific content. This may include adding different types of headings for articles, adding or removing columns and so forth as you update your website.


A web designer may well want to re-organize your content, as well. Over time, if you've added a lot of content to your site without considering where that content should go first, you may find that your content ends up in a serious state of disarray. Re-organizing the content and redoing the navigation menus when you update your website can solve this problem. It's definitely worth it if you have a lot of good content that you want people to read.


There are different ways that people can browse websites these days. They can use tabs, carousels, image sliders, regular navigation menus and so forth. A web designer can likely find ways to feature a great deal of content on a page without making it so over-the-top that you can't find anything.If your website is confusing to you, it's probably even more confusing to visitors. If you want your website to be as accessible as possible, consider having a web designer take a look at it and see what they could do as far as rearranging your content and improving your navigation goes when you update your website.