Update Your Website : Should You Change Your Fonts?

When you are ready to update your website, there is a temptation to update every single aspect of that site. One of the things, however, that tends to get overlooked is the font selection on your site. Most of the time, font selection is rather easy. If you have a very content heavy site, however, you may want to consider this as a way to give your website a new look.


Different aesthetic effects can be achieved by combining many different fonts onto the same website as opposed to having one font that serves for all of the text when you update your website. Generally speaking, you will at least see variations in font selection where graphics are concerned. This is not always the case, however.Over the years, the look of fonts used in graphic design has become cleaner. There  has also been a trend toward utilizing the same font in the majority of the content on the site or, for that matter, in a print advertisement. This consistency is held by many designers to make it easier for the reader to focus on the content that's being delivered rather than focusing on the differences between the fonts.You'll want to speak with your designer as to whether the aesthetics of a very diverse selection of fonts or the selection of a single font would suit your site better when you update your website.


Readability is where font selection really comes into play. Generally speaking, where content is concerned, it's better to stick with very simple fonts when you update your website. Sans serif fonts are generally the best selections of all. These are fonts such as Arial and Helvetica that don't have any ornamentation on them that makes it difficult for people to read on a screen. While the venerable Times New Roman font is very attractive on printed materials, it is difficult for some people to read because of the more ornamented letters.Font selection is actually one of the things that you will want to discuss with your designers when you are ready to update your website. If you're looking for a more modern look, switching to a more streamlined, straightforward font may accomplish that for you. If you want something very ornate and fancy, using a font that has a lot of ornamentation on it may give your site an entirely new look. This decision may not seem to be all that consequential but, when you see the same site with different fonts used on it, you'll quickly see how much of a difference it makes.