Update Your Website : The Importance of Updating Static Content

Just about 100 percent of the websites out there have a combination of content that is more or less static and content that is dynamic. For example, many websites have a blog section that is updated on a regular basis. This would be an example of a dynamic form of content. It's always changing, it's regularly renewed with new materials and the search engines tend to notice this. The static content on the website includes things such as the "About Us" page, the "Contact Us" page, and so forth. It is important to update static content as well and not only your dynamic content when you are update your website.Believe it or not, it's a good idea to update the static content once in a while. Obviously, a lot of this information isn't going to change. There are real advantages to updating, however.

New Technology

If you take a look at most of the contact information pages on modern websites, they'll have a map on them – usually from Google Maps or another, similar, service – along with the phone number, address and so forth. It wasn't too long ago that most contact pages only had the name, address and phone number that applied on them. Updating these pages when you update your website to include new content that's only recently become available is a great way to keep your site fresh and offer your visitors something at the same time.

New Format

The costs of having websites designed have actually decreased over time for many businesses. This means that some of the basic pages that just about every business has were created very quickly and very minimally to save money. Reformatting them to have a bit more style is a great way to make your site more interesting and can be easily done when you update your website. For example, if your About Us page is nothing more than a paragraph of text, you may want to consider revamping it a bit as you update your website. Add compelling content. Add keywords. There's a lot you can do with a page that's just been sitting there gathering digital dust for a long time.

Old Articles

If you have old articles on your site that are not part of your blog section, make sure that the information in them is still current as you update your website. If the information is outdated, you're not only giving your visitors bad information, you may be ruining some of your search engine optimization efforts.It's important to keep sites updated, and that includes the static pages on your website. If you do, there are a lot of different benefits that you can be sure to reap.