Update Your Website - Renewing Color Schemes To Revitalize Your Site

One of the most important aspects of your website is the color scheme that you use. Sometimes, a site that looks dated and stale may benefit from a new color scheme. Here are some things to consider if you want to update your color scheme to breathe some fresh life into your old site when you update your website.

What Colors Mean

People tend to interpret colors in particular ways. For example, red is commonly associated with power. The same is true of black. Blue tends to be associated with trust and green tends to make people feel relaxed. You'll want to learn a little bit about the psychology of color before you decide upon a new color scheme when you update your website.Remember that a color scheme doesn't have to involve many different colors. For example, many banking and other financial sites utilize blue color schemes because of the trust that the color tends to engender in people. You could utilize several different shades of blue rather than trying to find a good two- or three-color theme for your website.


If you had your website designed long ago, there's a good chance that the graphic designers who did it, even if they were very good, did not have access to the same types of tools that today's web designers and graphic designers have. Today, web designers can utilize sophisticated tools to create very vibrant color schemes and this can truly revitalize the look when you update your website. They can take a dull version of your company's color scheme, for instance, and update it so that it is every bit as vibrant as it appears on your printed materials.The quality of people's monitors has increased tremendously over the years, as well, and that means that slight variations in color are easier to detect. One very smart way to update the color scheme when you update your website is to have a professional graphic designer take a look at it and look for discrepancies in color when those colors should be exactly the same.


Color is definitely something that is subject to trends in design. Sometimes, dull and even distressed color schemes are very popular and, at other times, vibrant and dynamic color schemes are popular. If your website was designed 10 or 15 years ago, you may very well want to have a graphic designer take a look at it when you update your website and see if updating the use of color could give it a more modern look. Changing the color here and there can make a huge difference in the look of any website.