Update Your Website : Using Galleries to Make Your Images Stand Out

Incorporating galleries into websites is certainly nothing new. When you are ready to update your website, however, realize that there are far more options than were available for galleries even a few years ago. Some of these options have to do with technology and some of these options simply have to do with the evolving aesthetics of website design.


There are quite a few different options for how you can display your images in a gallery when you update your website. For instance, instead of going with page after page of thumbnails, you can utilize a design that creates one page that infinitely scrolls and presents more images as the user progresses downward to the bottom of the page.You can also utilize displays that allow people to look at thumbnails, see an enlargement of that thumbnail on the same page and then click on the enlargement to see a full-size image displayed on their screens. This does more than provide an interesting look. It provides a way for people to look at an image in a slightly enlarged size to see if they are interested in it enough to bother clicking on it to see it in its full size.


Light boxes are among the very popular features on galleries these days. They allow you, among other things, to create a selection of images that you can review after you have reviewed the total number of images in a gallery. They oftentimes also provide a more attractive way to view an image so that the gallery itself is less distracting.One of the elements that you'll want to take into consideration when you update your website and are redesigning a gallery is speed of loading. Some gallery effects and some add-ons that you can utilize on gallery pages that will slow down the load speed for your page somewhat. If you have a lot of visitors  with slower computers, you may want to avoid these when you update your website.With the right display, your images will look more attractive, they will be easier to decipher when they are thumbnail sized and it will be easier for your visitors to browse through your collection of images to look at your products or to see your photography. Looking at any gallery sections on your page is among the first things you should do when you start working with a graphic designer to update your website.