Update Your Website - Using Retro Design Trends

The idea that everything old becomes new again is, appropriately enough, nothing new. Design aesthetics that were popular in the past have become very popular with web design. The field of web design is relatively young compared to other forms of graphic design and, because of that, web design conventions have not had long to mature. Some of the most interesting design trends of the past are providing new ways for graphic designers to envision a site and to create something truly remarkable for their clients and can be used as a theme when you update your website.

Layers and Shadows

If you look at some of the best graphic design from the past, you'll see that it incorporates depth a great deal. Different elements of the image will be layered on top of one another and shadow will be used to offer an illusion that there's genuine depth to the image. Using today's graphic design technology and the body of skills that have been developed since the Internet became important to commerce graphic designers who can create these types of effects on a computer screen. Keep this in mind when working with your designer to update your website.


One of the truly lacking elements in early graphic design for the Internet was that things tended to look cartoonish and not at all real. Today, between very sophisticated displays and powerful graphic design tools, graphic designers can create images that are very real; so real looking that it looks like you could pluck them right off of the screen.Creating the illusion of texture, such as you would see on paper and canvas or other materials is well within the range of most graphic designers these days. You can give your site a classy and antique look when you update your website by giving things an appearance that is quite simply less computerized looking.

Ornate Lettering

There are literally hundreds of fonts available to any graphic designer, but they can also get creative and develop specific and very ornate lettering for logos. This can give your logo a touch of class and a timeless quality that really makes it stand out when you update your website.When you discuss incorporating retro elements into your site design as you update your website, be sure you ask your graphic designer how much they believe to be enough. It is possible to go overboard with this and end up with a very cluttered looking site. Then again, cluttered was once an aesthetic used in a great deal of graphic design and, perhaps, it would work for your site.