Update Your Website: Using A CMS To Save Time and Money

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July 14th, 2021 by

Update Your Website: Using A CMS To Save Time and Money

We want to get you up to speed on what is going on in the world of web design in quick and easy chunks. So in our inaugural edition of “Update Your Website” we want to get you up to speed on one of the most important tools your modern website should have: a CMS, or “content management system”.

All CMS contain 3 parts:

  • Part 1Your site: Also known as the “front-end”, this is well, your website. This includes your home page, shopping cart, blog, and any other supplementary pages or apps your site may have. These are all created and uploaded within your sites.
  • Part 2A database that holds data from yourself, users, and business partners: Your CMS is also your main filing cabinet for all information submitted to your site, Anything you update in the CMS is updated in the database then your website's front-end looks at your database an displays it for your visitors.
  • Part 3An interface that allows you to add remove and change content (your CMS): When people typically talk about your “CMS”, this is likely what they are talking about. This is your behind-the scenes look at what will appear on your website. Here is where you update your blog, add content to your store or upload any other content you may wish to have on your website.

When combined these 3 things create a functional tool that lets you manage update your website simply and quickly, as opposed to the old way of fixing your website bit-by-bit. A CMS offers you amazing flexibility with a number of other ways too such as:[newslettersignup]

  • Improvement 1Much fewer calls to your webmaster — Update your website on your own and don’t pester your webmaster and save a few bucks along the way.Content management systems are so easy to use, your lowest level or least tech-savvy employee can be entrusted with making an update to your website with accuracy.
  • Improvement 2Collect leads through contact forms- Check your database for any user submitted information through contact forms to add to mailing lists, send pitches and keep in general contact.
  • Improvement 3Create landing pages for marketing campaigns- Create simple or complex pages for seasonal sales or promotional campaigns on your own without having to go through your webmaster or advertising company.
  • Improvement 4Optimize content for SEO- As rules for SEO changes, so should you. If your old content isn’t crisp enough to get your site onto the top page on search engines, create new content that will!
  • A CMS is a cost-effective way to update your website. There are many different brands of content management systems available, which one you use depends on your personal preferences and is a discussion your web designer can help you make. Did this article help you update your website? Try these:
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