Webinar - Conversion Optimization: The Rocket Fuel for EBITDA & Acquisition Value

Thursday, April 25th at 2p CT

Conversion optimization is one of the fastest ways to Increase profitability, mitigate financial risk, reduce expenses, and attract top buyers.

Presented by:

Austin Masket

Austin Masket

Pacifica Advisors

Matt Dandurand

Matt Dandurand

Media Contour

This webinar is FOR...

  • Anyone looking to quickly and sustainably grow their eComm business.
  • Attract top buyers by demonstrating sustainable growth potential.

What you'll learn:

  • 2 KEY valuation metrics used in a business valuation
  • 6 KEYS to optimizing those valuation metrics
  • 11 WAYS conversion optimization
      a.     Maximizes EBITDA
      b.     Reduces financial risk
      c.     Positions your business for maximum value 
  • 3 CRO STRATEGIES you can use and implement immediately and get started

What this webinar WON’T be:

  • Complicated – We are not trying to impress you with overly complicated material. We want you to have simple, actionable material and a place to start immediately.
  • Overwhelming – We are NOT trying to overwhelm you with so much material that you have no idea where to start and give up altogether. We want to streamline this process for you, and give you just enough to make some quick moves and a significant impact.
  • Confusing – We are not trying to confuse you to the point where you give up, feel helpless, and run into our arms begging for our help willing to pay us any amount we ask conversion optimization.

This webinar IS…

  • Straightforward and simple – Don’t let the simple part fool you. Just ask Steve Jobs: “You have to work hard to get your thinking clean to make it simple.” By simple, we mean we’ve stripped out the jargon and hyperbole so you can get a quick overview of conversion optimization as it specifically relates to EBITDA and business valuations.
  • Understandable – You should be able to easily digest and explain the material to your team, and ultimately walk away with an action plan for what to do next.
  • Repeatable – Most importantly, what you’ll learn is something you can apply over and over that improves over time. That’s where the “exponential growth” comes in.

These are the same practical strategies and easy-to-use tools we used to generate millions of dollars in revenue for our clients.

Register, and learn something useful that helps you take action.

Our Results

LifePro Fitness website before conversion optimization

Home Fitness Brand boosts conversions with a fresh design

LifePro Fitness was struggling with falling conversion rates and wanted a fresh design to help mark them as an industry leader and increase sales.

FedReceiver.com website after conversion optimization

FedReceiver Dominates the Market with +61% Conversion Rate Increase and +195% Traffic

FedReceiver, Inc. was dealing with a copy-cat competitor and wanted to blow the competition out of the water.

Skincare Brand Gets Major Black Friday Boost

Dermaclara Beauty saw their holiday numbers soar after a successful Shopify Split Theme tests were launched right before BFCM.