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Skincare Brand Gets Major Black Friday Boost and Adds $700K in Annualized Revenue

Dermaclara is an eCommerce leader in the skincare and beauty industry. Their products have been featured in Forbes, Matha Steward, E!News, Byrdie, The Doctors, BuzzFeed, and more. Their goal is to pregnancy and baby-safe skin care & anti-aging products that everyone can use while providing the same results that similar and much more expensive treatments offer.
Old lifepro product page


Dermaclara already had a conversion rate that would be considered in the top 10% of all Shopify companies, so our aim was to find the Voice of the Customer, and help improve the UX on the site to increase purchases and return visits by improving user self-selection and helping visitors find the best product to suit their needs.
Old lifepro product page

On-Site Optimizations

  • New Navigation/Mega Menu with new category pages for customer self-selection based on Treatment Type and Treatment Area
  • New “Before & After” Pages
  • New “Shop by Treatment” Section on Home Page
  • Smart Search & Filter added to Collections Page
  • Cleaned up the organization and alignment on mobile for an easier-to-look-at and use Collections page (mobile)
  • New Categories added to the Collections page
  • Replaced patch Info with “what’s included” on the Collections page
  • Added Product Previews to the Collections Page
  • New Image carousel images on Product Detail pages with more “Before & After” images, videos, and feature highlights images.
  • “Shop Pay” button added to Product Detail pages
  • Sticky “Add-to-Cart” button on PDPs
  • Image Thumbnails added on Desktop
  • New Cost Comparison Carousel Image

Major Findings

The changes to the Home Page, Nav/Mega Menu, Collections pages, and the addition of the Shop Pay button on the PDP led to increased visitor engagement, lower bounce rate, and higher conversion rates due to visitors increased ability to find exactly what they are looking for, see the results that Dermaclara provides, and being able to filter by their exact need.

The change to the image carousel on the PDP had the highest impact on revenue and led to visitors being able to directly see the results that each product provides on the collections pages first, and then seeing the monetary value that choosing Dermaclara provides once they view the PDP image carousel.
new product page heatmap


  • Increased conversion rate +9.62%
  • Increased Returning Visitor Conversion Rate +28.26%
  • Increased Revenue per Visit by +9.93% (+$0.19)
  • Increased Revenue per Return Visit by +10.88% (+$1.52)
  • Annualized Revenue Increase of +$700,000
  • Decreased Bounce Rate by 1.62%
  • Increased Engagement by 5.11%

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