4 Common Website Issues and What Causes Them

If you're not a web developer or a network technician, it can be extremely difficult to figure out what might be causing problems that you're having with your site. When you do figure out what the problem likely is, you're probably going to end up calling tech support, but it helps to know which tech support you should call. Here are some common website issues and some of the common culprits that cause them.

1: Slow Loading

Determining whether common website issues such as slow loading are due to issues with your server or your page is sometimes difficult to determine. Generally speaking, if your page loads very slowly the first time you try and every subsequent time, it's probably a design issue. If your page normally loads very quickly but suddenly slows down to a snail's pace, the server may be having trouble. There is a third potential cause, as well: your Internet connection. Follow the procedure for resetting your Internet connection to eliminate this possibility or try to visit other websites to see if you have the same problem before you start looking for problems with your page or your server.

2: Incorrect Display

Some website designs are what are called responsive designs. Responsive designs automatically reformat themselves to accommodate different types of screens. If your website is displaying oddly in a mobile device or on your regular desktop computer, you may be experiencing one of the very common website issues. Have your developers check it out to make certain that it works correctly in any devices that they have and, if they have a problem, too, they can start troubleshooting it right away.

3: Page Not Found and Other Errors

Internet errors, such as the infamous 404 error, can be difficult to troubleshoot and can be one of the most frustrating of the common website issues. You may actually have a missing page within the directories for your site or you may simply be having an issue with your server. Determining which is the case is usually a matter of seeing how long it lasts. Try refreshing the page that shows up as missing or try visiting the site after a few minutes. If the page still isn't there, contact your web host and, if that doesn't give you the results you need, contact your designer to see if there's a page missing in your directories.

4: Security Issues

These are some of the most serious issues you can have with your website. If you have a customer complaint regarding somebody getting access to their account in some nefarious way, contact your server administrators immediately. Most of the time, common website issues are caused by server problems. There are times, however, where they are design problems and where you have to consult with your web designer to get the issue resolved.