Update Your Website : When To Consider Updating Your Graphics

Even if your website is very content heavy, your graphics play a huge part in the impression that people take away from it. If your graphics are looking dated, you may well want to consider having them updated when you update your website. Even if you're not ready for a full site redesign, simply updating your graphics can do a lot to improve the quality of your site. Here are some things that should make you consider having your graphics updated.


Some outdated graphics suffer from pixelation. Pixilation is usually seen in the form of rough edges around the borders where colors join or where the graphic actually starts. You may also notice it in some types of lettering.Having a graphic designer take care of this when you update your website can make your website look much more professional. Computer technology where graphics are concerned is much more advanced than it used to be. There is absolutely no reason that your graphics should not look as clear and sharp on a computer screen as they would in print.

Outdated Trends

Lettering and graphics are both subject to trends. If your logo was designed to make use of a current trend, you may want to consider having it redesigned when you are ready to update your website. If that trend has passed, it simply makes your graphics look dated. There are examples of dated graphics, however, that look very current. Coca-Cola, for instance, uses a script in their graphics that is not commonly seen in new graphics. For most modern companies, however, having your lettering and your graphics redesigned to look more modern is generally a good idea when you update your website. Provided it's not too drastic, it shouldn't impact your branding.


If you happen to be relaunching your website, it's a great time to have your graphics redesigned. People will expect it, in fact. Aside from adding new functionalities and a new look, adding little graphical enhancements here and there can make your website look very modern and very advanced. A good graphic designer will know how to make this happen for you.Graphics are among the most cost-effective elements of your website that you can have enhanced when you update your website. Whether you want a professional web designer to update your graphics alone or to overhaul your entire site, it's always worth considering whether or not the graphics your site uses are contributing to an outdated look for your site on the whole. If they are, it might be time to make a change that gives your site a whole new look.