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FedReceiver Dominates Market with +61% conversion rate increase and +195% Traffic

FedReceiver, Inc. is a Los Angeles based legal services and consulting firm specializing in Federal and State Court Receiverships, Real Estate Management, Expert Witness Testimony, and Partition Referee appointments.

They needed a new website with a fresh and professional look that would help increase traffic, awareness, brand recognition, penetrate new markets, overtake the competition in key services, and inform and convert leads.

FedReceiver chose Media Contour because of our proven track record of success, ability to identify exact needs, areas of focus, creative problem-solving, tailored solutions to exact problems, and winning smiles.
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FedReceiver’s main challenge was a copycat competitor site that had taken over the #1 Google Search spots for several services in major markets. The competitor’s website design was nearly identical and because it was first in search it made FedReceiver appear to be the one who copied resulting in poor brand perception, lower traffic, and fewer conversions.

The client not only wanted to overtake the competition on Google but also present a website that would provide a professional and lasting first impression for visitors. With the new website, we would also be tasked with helping FedReceiver penetrate new markets and new services, expanding their reach from 5 existing services and 7 locations to 12 new services and markets with over 140 new landing pages. Enter Media Contour.
New LifePro fitness home page

Project Strategy & Solution

Media Contour Services

  • Google Search Ads (PPC)
  • New Content Creation
  • Conversion Rate Optimized Website Redesign and Development
  • Video, Blog Post Articles, Frequently Asked Questions

CRO Website Redesign and Development

Court receivership is a long and complex sales cycle that relies heavily on recommendations from lawyers and law firms and ultimately hinges on whether the court chooses to appoint you over someone else.

Streamlined Navigation

The website contains a lot of information with a diverse group of topics. Creating streamlined navigation was the first step to creating structure in how people would successfully navigate and find what they were looking for.

Putting links to specific pages directly in the copy was also essential to successfully navigating the website. With long form content, it’s imperative to make sure people aren’t stranded in an ocean of paragraphs with no way to seek refuge.
New LifePro fitness home page

Conveying value with short-form and long-form content

We had to create a website that would be appealing to people looking through the complexities of the court receivership process. We also made it so there would be multiple options for people to learn about FedReceiver based on their preference: 1) long-form content for people needing details about their credentials or experience, or 2) short-form content and videos for people who are looking for a lower barrier of commitment.

Just one example of progressive disclosure on the website, where we used short-form content linked to broader pages on the site. This makes the information easier to digest on initial inspection, and also gives the user the option to gain more information when they’re ready for it.
screenshot of effective conversion optimization

Market Penetration

Next, we created specific location-based landing pages to increase our market penetration and reach people who are needing a receiver in a specific court or area. The nature of the business takes lawyers to different locations based on where the assets are located, so positioning ourselves in specific high-traffic markets allowed us to reach people who are looking for services where they don’t currently reside.

We placed maps on the major services pages to give users a visual representation of which locations we specialize in serving. If the user needs information about a specific location, they can click the link and be provided with everything they need to know about that particular location and service.
FedReceiver New Locations

Ease of Access and Use

It would be naive to know exactly what every visitor is looking for on your website, and it would be just as foolish to try and put every possibility on it as well. To accommodate all users, we installed a chatbot with the help of Active Campaign and linked it directly to our CEO's email, so he could respond immediately to any requests on the site.
Webchat example

New Content Creation (Blog)

Having new and relevant content was one of our main strategies to bring more valuable traffic to the website. Reworking long-tail keywords into individual blog posts and an FAQ section on our local landing pages was an inspired way to capture TOFU (Top of Funnel) traffic and significantly improve our search rankings.
New blog page

New Content Creation (FAQs)

Service and location-based FAQs allowed us to reach a broader audience and bring them to the website for more information.
custome FAQs section


The goal of the redesign was to create long-form copy for people wanting to dive deeper into the website and gain knowledge before reaching out, but also provide videos and quick calls-to-action above the fold for people looking for a smaller burden of entry and looking to make a quick decision. The results speak for themselves.

Improvements Achieved:

Estimated Traffic: increased by 195%
Landing Page Visibility on Google: increased by 417%
Average Landing Ranking: Increased by 37 spots
Keywords in the Top 3: Increased from 0 to 110

We went from 3 keywords in the top 100 before launch (Zero in the top 3) to 164 in the top 100 and 110 in the top 3 spots.
Page ranking graphestimated traffic graphaverage position graphLanding page visibility graph


  • Conversion Rate: increased by 61%
  • User Engagement: increased by 43%
  • Estimated Traffic: increased by 195%
  • Google Landing Page Visibility: increased by 417%
  • Average Landing Ranking: Increased by 37 spots
  • Keywords in the Top 3: Increased from 0 to 113

Our Results

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FedReceiver.com website after conversion optimization

FedReceiver Dominates the Market with +61% Conversion Rate Increase and +195% Traffic

FedReceiver, Inc. was dealing with a copy-cat competitor and wanted to blow the competition out of the water.

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