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Home Fitness Brand Boosts Conversions by 15%. Adds $1.4M Annualized Revenue

LifePro Fitness is an eCommerce leader in the home fitness and recovery industry. They have been featured for their innovation in Forbes, Women’s Health, GQ, Rolling Stone, USA Today, Men’s Health, and more. Their goal is to make wellness, recovery, and fitness enjoyable and attainable for everyone.
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Top agencies had already tried to address LifePro's eCommerce conversion problem with little success. LifePro's products are beloved by their users, but their Product Description Page had too many calls-to-action, different pricing that was confusing, and no valuable product information above the first fold. All these things were of vital importance to improving conversion rates.
Old lifepro product page

Project Strategy & Solution

CRO Website Redesign and Development

Results: Old vs. New Heat Maps

From a customer interaction perspective, the heat map results speak volumes about the effectiveness of our strategy. The previous PDP contained all the necessary information for a user to purchase, but unfortunately they couldn’t find it without some serious effort scanning the entire page.

With a simple and elegant solution we reduced the number of CTAs on the page by moving the thumbnail images to the left side making room for needed information hidden below the fold.

We designed a sticky header with an Add To Cart button and breadcrumbs giving users the opportunity to take action at any point throughout the customer journey. This provided a more consistent and available CTA without scrolling all the way back up to purchase a product.
old product page heatmapnew product page heatmap

Results: Before & After Product
Description Pages

Multiple discounts and prices were also shown on the original PDP. We worked hard to ensure only one price and discount would be shown to minimize any confusion on pricing, and to prevent the products from be devalued by the customer if they looked too “discounted”.

Phase 2 includes adding product and workout videos to the image thumbnails, and a product comparison table for easy product detail and pricing comparisons. We expect to see continued CR improvement that exceed ours and the clients expectations with each round of changes.
old product page designnew product page design

Results: Before & After Home Page

The new home has streamlined navigation and category tiles above the fold. We also included trust elements that increase user confidence in eCommerce companies.

User self-identification is a vital part of user experience and the buying journey. The original site didn’t have categories above the fold, so getting a user to take the desired action took some searching on the site. This is a huge roadblock.

In the new design, we gave users two ways to self-identify with LifePro: 1) Personal identify (how do they use home work out/fitness equipment: recovery, wellness, strength, endurance), or 2) Personal need (are they there for a specific category of product)
old lifepro homepagenew lifepro homepage


  • Increased conversion rate +15%
  • Increased Add to Cart by 47%
  • Increased Revenue per Visit by $0.77
  • Annualized Revenue Increase of +$1.35 Million
  • Site Speed (Desktop): Increased by 259%
  • Site Speed (Mobile): Increased by 309%

Our Results

LifePro Fitness website before conversion optimization

Home Fitness Brand boosts conversions with a fresh design

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