The Media Contour Philosophy

From our team to our tools, to our philosophy, everything about us is focused on
your growth and our mutual success.

The Pareto Principle

In a nutshell, it states that 80% of the results (output) can be attributed to 20% of the effort (input) or the "vital few".

Those familiar with the 80/20 principle will understand this without reading further. The beauty of this principle is that you can successfully apply it to anything. In a nutshell, it states that 80% of the consequences can be attributed to 20% of the causes or the “vital few”. From there, everyone has simply taken this and run with it. We like to attribute it to sales and advertising. Say, 80% of your revenue is generated from 20% of your ads. Trim the fat and promote the champions. Or, 80% of your sales come from 20% of the pages on your site. 80% of your company's mistakes are generated by 20% of your employees. A bit harsh, but usually true. Simple and elegant, just like we like it.

Life-Long Learning

Don’t be a dinosaur and
allow success to remain elusive.

Ben, one of our CRO gurus, gave the white coat speech for his alma matter years ago and one of his quotes was, “don’t be a dinosaur.” He was telling the recent grads that the learning has really just begun. And, if they treat graduation as the end of the road for learning, then success will remain elusive. One of Ben’s favorite sites is Udemy, where he continues to watch lessons on anything from Science Fiction writing classes to Surviving a Zombie Apocalypse.

Challenge Everything (Respectfully)

We like to play “devil’s advocate” in brainstorming sessions and challenge our hypotheses from every angle.

This was instilled into our team at a young age. Maybe it had to do with X-Files telling us, “The Truth is Out There.” Perhaps, it’s just how we were brought up. Either way, it’s a vital part of our analysis. It forces us not to take things at face value and dig deeper into cause and effect. We like to play “devil’s advocate” in brainstorming sessions to create scenarios that will challenge our hypotheses from every angle.


It’s part of being human. Understanding each other builds trust and relationships.

A valuable part of our business is trying to put ourselves in other people’s shoes. We want to better understand what makes people think and feel. What events and emotions were behind that person’s actions? It’s part of being human, and understanding each other builds trust and relationships. We’re not perfect; no one is. Understanding that makes it easier to forgive and get along.

Own your choices

Be honest, and acknowledge your mistake or lack of preparation. And fix it! No one wants to hear excuses.

We’re big fans of “Extreme Ownership” a great management book by former Navy SEALs. It basically says when you make a choice, be prepared to take responsibility for the results, no matter the outcome. If something goes wrong, don’t make excuses. Be honest, and acknowledge your mistake or lack of preparation. And fix it! No one wants to hear excuses. We’re not afraid to put our reputation on the line, and then test the crap out of it. Most of the time we’re right, but sometimes we’re wrong. That’s OK. You’ll be glad we found out because then we can fix it, and make it that much better. Most companies will design or make you something then step back and say, “there now, isn’t that pretty. OK then, good luck!” and walk away. We stick around and pay our dues. We’re not going to sit back and leave you with a mess when we’re done and wish you the best. We’re not happy until you’re happy. If you’re not better off than when we started, we’ll work for free until you are. Other agencies may be happy with giving it the college try. We know how hard it is to run a business, become successful, then keep it that way. We like to joke, but not when it comes to your success.

Take Care of People

People underestimate the value of putting kindness back into the world and having it returned 10-fold.

Take care of your employees and your customers first, and they’ll take care of you. The world is a selfish place. People underestimate the value of putting kindness back into the world and having it returned 10-fold. If you put negativity into the world, don’t be surprised if that’s what you get back. It’s a simple philosophy with the potential for infinite good. It may be a bit hippy-dippy, but we don’t argue with universal truths.

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