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The beauty of display is it gives you infinite options to use your creative voice. Engage users with interactive elements to create interest and facilitate more learning. Native and display ads can gauge audience interest before launching a new product. They can also drive conversion rates during remarketing campaigns. Use native content and display ads in a contextual setting or while users are browsing.
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Media Contour gives you the rapid success that comes with expert service and knowledge. We succeed because this is what we love to do.
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We don't do it for the recognition, but the results don't lie. VWO asked to publish our most recent A/B test due to the killer results.
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Where Does Display Fit Into My Omnichannel Strategy?

Native display is one of the most effective ways to advertise due to its proximity to relative content and it’s strong creative to attract customers. But, where does it fit into your marketing strategy?

Display ads, along with video and native display, are typically ideal for businesses wanting to build awareness of either a new product, a new vertical, or brand loyalty because they’re a lot most cost efficient then other channels. The creative component of these ads is the most important element, so the typical for measure for success in increased engagement, and click-thru-rates. The goal is to capture customers at the top of the funnel and drive them towards your brand by increasing their awareness, and blocking the competition from capturing their attention first. That’s not to say display ads can’t drive increased conversion rates, but that’s for another day.

Depending on your campaign goals, your mix of display, native, and video is essential to generating the results you need. Media Contour’s skill and expertise can help you determine which KPIs are the most important, and bring you those results.

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3 Keys to Successful Display Campaigns

  • Have a cohesive goal and message between your different creative elements
    The end customer doesn’t see the entire campaign picture from your perspective. Make sure the messaging and creative in each ad is cohesive and tells the same story across all channels. It will result in a more impactful and memorable experience for the viewer, and ultimately drive better results.
  • Make sure your targeting is pinpoint
    While the creative is arguably the most important element of your display campaigns, serving them up to the wrong audience is a waste of money. Make sure you deeply understand the buying journey of your customers, and speak directly to it. Target the people who stand to benefit from your company’s products and services, and utilize technology to help you broaden your audience through look-alike lists, and behavioral and demographic targeting.
  • Organize and Measure your results
    Creating an effective display advertising campaign can have a lot more moving parts than other types of marketing. Make sure your results aren’t so convoluted and spread out that it’s impossible to make sense of them. 

Watching your business grow is what brings us joy

Media Contour gives you the rapid success that comes with expert service and knowledge. We succeed because this is what we love to do.
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      Whether you’re thinking about launching a new display ad campaign, or you want an existing one optimized, Media Contour can help you create and execute the perfect strategy.

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      My website has won constant praise from my colleagues and fans of the book, and the book cover is one that makes the subject come alive. I was familiar with Media Contour's high level of professionalism, but I didn't realize that I was also getting fine artists in addition to web wizards. Further, Media Contour's staff went beyond the call of duty and really fine-tuned both the site and the book cover to meet my fairly demanding specifications. I felt fully supported and acknowledged throughout the process.

      David Chester

      Author, Freelancing in Tokyo
      We couldn’t be more pleased with the professionalism and product MediaContour delivered regarding our website.  Their response is fast and their ideas helpful regarding lay-out design making their creativity second-to-none. Their guidance for wording to maximize search engine hits brings results.  We used them to create 2 websites and will continue to utilize their talents in the future.
      Barbra Chase
      CEO, Evado Solutions
      It was a pleasure working with them and I look forward to future projects. They are professional, organized and most of all -- great listeners! They made working 'virtually' a real breeze.”
      Jeff Hardesty
      CEO, i-Frame Solutions

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