Case Studies

UX Overhaul Facilitates Acquisition by International Legal Juggernaut

Deadlines.com was frustrated with its outdated and low-converting UX so we redesigned a simple yet robust system that instantly skyrocketed conversions. Less than a year later, Deadlines.com was sold to a major international juggernaut.


From a marketing standpoint the first thing we noticed about the Deadlines.com website was its pricing model was... confusing. At the time Deadlines was using a hard to interpret pay-as-you-go system, by implementing a two-tiered method of payment, clients are now able to pay either by case or per case deadline, thus simplifying customer service and creating a better user environment.

Project Strategy & Solution

  • arrow_circle_right Optimize user experience
  • arrow_circle_right Increase conversions
  • arrow_circle_right Move valuable information above the fold
  • arrow_circle_right Increase Revenue
  • arrow_circle_right Sticky banner added with Add to Cart button
  • arrow_circle_right Modernize the design
  • arrow_circle_right Improve site speed
  • arrow_circle_right Increase Add to Carts
  • arrow_circle_right Conversion Funnel Drop-off analysis and industry benchmarking to identify user pain points

CRO Website Redesign and Development

Results: Before & After UX

After several surveys and user evaluations, we were able to streamline the process of clients’ data management with a simple-to-use wizard and an easy-to-find dashboard that highlights key dates and upcoming events. We also added the functionality of e-mail notifications and a customized search tool that predicts and suggests user queries to assist the user with keeping track of their dates and deadlines efficiently.
deadlines old scheduling platform


Media Contour Services
  • arrow_circle_right Increased Add to Cart
  • arrow_circle_right Increased Revenue per Visit
  • arrow_circle_right Annualized Revenue Increase

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Case Study

+15% Conversion Rate increase

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Case Study

+195% traffic increase

See our Case Studies

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